Power Platform Consulting

Solving Interesting Problems

As a consultant I like to work on interesting problems for my clients and bring them elegant solutions to:

  • Simplify the collection of their data,
  • Shape that data and combine it with business logic to surface timely and meaningful information, and
  • Automate as much of their business processes as we can to reduce friction, eliminate low value work, and most importantly establish confidence that necessary information will be presented when it is needed.

Microsoft Power Platform plays a pivotal role in the work I can do with and for clients.  The platform is very flexible in that we only need to use and pay for the services that we need.  Adding Power Platform services to your existing Microsoft 365 or Azure subscriptions is very easy.

Google user?  Not sure you want to buy another service?  We should talk about the benefits you can gain from adding some or all of the Power Platform services to your tool set and see what makes sense for you.  We can also talk about what we can do using Google Data Studio as a substitute for Power BI.   

Madge Ideas Inc. is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) which means I can plan, supply, set up, and manage your Microsoft services for you.

The Power Platform Line Up

Power BI

Trevor has been working with Microsoft Power BI since it came to market, having started with Power Query and Power Pivot in Excel.

Power BI is the cornerstone of solutions by connecting to your data sources, merging the data and shaping it to surface reports that are meaningful, timely, and easily accessible.

Power Automate

Having used Zapier and IFTTT for many years I was very interested in seeing how Microsoft would impact the automation space when they released Flow (now Automate).  Over time it has matured and can be used to create solutions that range from the simple to very complex.

Power Apps

Power Apps makes it easy for you to create and share custom apps inside your organization without needing to use valuable developer resources.  Power Apps works with Power BI and Power Automate so you can easily collect information, analyze it, and act on it.

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