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What is your time worth?

Most business owners, managers, solopreneurs, and freelancers search for simple and easy ways to accurately account for time spent on projects. Whether you bill directly for time or by a fixed fee understanding how much time actions take empowers you to make decisions to improve your business.

Enter Toggl Track

Toggl Track is a time tracking tool with the single purpose of making it easy to collect standardized time entries across your organization.  Toggl Track's real time online reporting means no more copying and pasting time sheets into excel or getting after staff to submit their hours.  

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Toggl Track made easy.


Trevor has been consulting with Toggl since 2017 and has helped over 200 customers get more out of Toggl Track.

Reasons to Hire a Toggl Track Consultant

Whether you are trying out Toggl Track for the first time or have been using it for a while you probably have some specific questions about it.  A short consultation can help you get past bottle necks. 

Learning a new tool, even one as simple as Toggl Track, can take some time.  Leverage Trevor's experience and expertise to quickly get you past any sticking points so you can get back to what you do best.

You've made up your mind on starting to track time with Toggl Track and you want to get up and running as quick as possible with the least distractions to your already full days.  Trevor will accelerate your understanding of how to set up and use Toggl Track and get you and your team quickly set up for success.

Toggl Track is a great tool to quickly and easily create standardized time entries about the work that you and your team do. 

Trevor will pull this time data and combine it with your internal data, metrics, and KPIs to make custom reporting solutions that answer the business questions that matter to you.

Solutions are built with third party tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Google Data Studio. 

Some organizations have specific needs that either go beyond the native features of Toggl Track or are time intensive to implement. 

Some examples that Trevor can help with are:

  • Making calls to the Toggl Track API to build large and complicated workspaces.
  • Converting legacy time data, importing to Toggl Track, and running validations to ensure full accuracy.
  • Pulling data from Toggl Track to use in custom reporting with other tools. 

Toggl Track Consulting Packages

Quick Assist


  • 30 minute online Ask Me Anything consultation.
  • Best for dealing with a specific issue or question about Toggl Track.

Jump Start


  • One hour online deep dive consultation on using Toggl Track.
  • Best for getting started with Toggl Track to quickly learn how to use it.

Up and Running


  • Initial consultation and requirements gathering.
  • Prepare, set up, and populate your Toggl Track workspace.
  • Advanced Admin training and team training.



  • Full implementation of Toggl Track for your company.
  • Custom Reports using Power BI or Google Data Studio.
  • API automation and integrations with other software.

Note: Prices are in USD.

Not sure if this is the Right Fit for You?

Send me a message with your details and questions so we can talk about it.

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