Toggl Track – Custom Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

After discussing your needs Trevor will provide you with a clear proposal. Pricing depends on the scope of work to be done.

Do I need developers?

Many projects can be delivered without the need for either internal or external developer resources. If there is a need it will be identified in the discovery phase.

What kind of custom reporting can you build?

Trevor will combine your time data collected in Toggl Track with your internal datasets to create reports that answer questions like: who are my best customers, which services have the highest margin, who needs help meeting targets, what is the net profit on a project, which clients take up the most time…

Can you set up my entire Toggl Track workspace?

Yes, this is a common request for custom consulting. Trevor will work with your internal team on a managed launch cycle to design, test, deploy, and support your Toggl workspace.

Can you create my Toggl Track subscription?

No, Trevor cannot create a Toggl Track subscription for you. Once you have started a subscription you can invite Trevor to your workspace to deliver the custom work.

Do I need to other tools for custom reporting ?

Trevor builds custom reports using either Microsoft Power BI or Google Data Studio. Additional software may be required to automate the collection, processing and storage of the data (Data Warehouse).

Next Steps

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